Beat Meet: The I Don’t Always Get Together With Strange Rappers, But When I Do, I Remix Edition

Time for another round up of the latest in beat freebies because, you know, we don’t normally do that here like every day anyway or anything.

Beat wunderkind Paul White is moving beyond producing “just” excellent beats further into the realm of hip-hop.  On his upcoming and aptly named Rapping with Paul White, the knob twiddler teams up with some of the top spitters in the game today, including Danny Brown, Guilty Simpson, Tranqill, Jehst, Homeboy Sandman, Marv Won, Moe Pope and folk-singer Nancy Elizabeth .  Think i’m lying?  Check out this ish then.

mp3: Trust ft. Guilty Simpson (Paul White from Trust ft. Guilty Simpson)

mp3: The Doldrums (Paul White from Trust ft. Guilty Simpson)

Those WeDidIt Collective boys seem to disappear for extended periods of time before returning and making up for their absence with glorious beat treasures.  Case in point, the latest from D33J.  i’ll let him tell you how it is (extra props for the Dos Equis Man reference):

“This tape was recorded in the now deceased ‘Traphouse”, where a gang of hooligans used to skate inside, make neon colored rice, screenprint weed leaf underwear, watch rivers edge on the bigscreen, get visits from the peoples champ on a regular basis, learn to tattoo, host swedish girls on vacation, and serve as a forum for pointless debates about which strain is better // among other things. These recordings are composed almost entirely live using my SP/DR 202’s, with some live remixes/looping and some drunken jams w/ my boy Shlohmo. I don’t usually record to tape, but when I do, I make sure im drunk. Thanks for listening.”

mp3: 1752A (D33J from 1752A Tape)

i’m usually not super big on posting remixes, but when you’ve got Shigeto remixing the Dennis Coffey track with Mayer Hawthorne on vocals, well, sometimes you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do.  And i’ve got to share this beast with you.

All Your Goodies Are Gone feat. Mayer Hawthorne (Shigeto remix) by Strut

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