Beat Meet: The Quick In and Out Edition

OK, i really should be catching up on some ZZZs right about now, but it’s been a long time.  i shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to.  So here we are.

At this point, it’s practically redundant to say that Project: Mooncircle has put out another incredible beat beast.  This time up, rising star fLako hits us with The Mesektet,  a collection of previously unreleased or only digitally available works from the time of the Mini Tollbooth EP up until 2008.  Bottom line, old boy has an ear for hip hop and soulful grooves.  For any beat jackers looking for something stellar to split over that’s beyond your standard, look no further than this one.

mp3: The Mesektet Mini-Mix (fLako)

mp3: Trujana (fLako bonus track from The Mesektet)

Kicking the knew Knxwledge because Knxledge is Power!

mp3: Pain (Knxwledge from MANGO ep)

mp3: Keepºn (Knxwledge from MANGO ep)

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2 thoughts on “Beat Meet: The Quick In and Out Edition

  1. Master Oddbodkins –

    I used to be as hardcore as they come. But recently … I found myself being offended by the Too Short channel I created on Pandora. I have had to call in Big Daddy Kane & KRS-1 to please my ear orifice. Do I need to turn in my gangsta card? Am I soft … or just East Coast ?

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