Beat Meet: The Small Cookie, 24-hour, Baby Noises Edition

Another good week for all things free in the world of beats, as spelunked by yours truly.

i’m thinking it’s about time for the cats at Project: Mooncircle to start their own hedge fund, as they’re clearly incapable of making a bad choice when it comes to picking the next hot thing. If it pleases the jury, i’d like to point to evidence item #437, the upcoming EP from fLako, Mini Tollbooth. Whereas his label mates like Robot Koch tend to focus more on the percussive end of the beat spectrum, fLako makes greater use of bass lines, affected vocals and dissonant synths to create his soundscapes. The overall effect proves that P:M is no one trick pony, but continues to have one of the hottest stables in the world of beat music. Wow, i can’t believe i took that metaphor to those lengths. My apologies to readers, but, trust me, the album is worth your time and your ducats. Here’s a mini-mix to prove i’m right yet again (as if LET hadn’t proven my supremacy as mixmaster and trend setter a million times over, but in the name of humility, i do what i must. It ain’t EZ being TC.).

Mash-up Maestro Girl Talk is back at it yet again with his latest freebie pastiche, All Day. Yes, this came out yesterday, but if you had the same luck as i did, you couldn’t get your hands on it any earlier, either. Hell, you may not have had as much luck as i did. Whatever the case, the “best” part of a Girl Talk CD is playing “name that sample.” A list is said to be forthcoming at GT’s website in the days to follow. In the interim, who do you hear here?

The folks over at Wah Wah 45s are throwing some shindig this Saturday, November 27th in London at Scala. To encourage people to give a shit, they’ve put together a rather stellar mini-mix comprised of some of the night’s performers. For reasons we cannot begin to fathom here at LET, even though we claim to be a DC-centric blog, our readers really tend to be of a far more international bent. It probably has to do with us being the blogoverse’s number one source of Nigerian speed rap AND questionably legal beats sampling arguably inappropriate children’s music, but who can say for sure? Anyway, if you’re one of our London readers, swing by the show, as it’s only 12 quid (assuming a quid is a pound; you kids and your crazy across the pond lingo, i tell you what). If you’re one of our Estonian readers, well, you’re shit out of luck, chum, but it’s still a damn fine mix. As you can hear for yourself, Hackney Colliery Band put together a funk-jazz romp worthy of The Cinematic Orchestra, and the Resonators put together a blissful romp with reggae overtones. Trust me, you’ll likey.

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One thought on “Beat Meet: The Small Cookie, 24-hour, Baby Noises Edition

  1. Thanks for posting about our mix and EP you lovelies! It's appreciated a lot more than you may even think possible. Love from London.

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