Beat Meet: The Vocalized Edition

Yes, we still Beat Meet ’round these parts.  It’s just been a while since our last gathering.  i hope i’m not rusty as that sounds painful on too many levels.  See, what i did there is what you’d call a multiple entendre.  A lot of the stuff i write is just for me.  i get that.

Apparently, the masses have been paying attention, as i’m getting more promises (though no actual follow-up) for nudes of ex’s for running reviews.  Thaddeus Clark hit upon my other great weakness in his pitch, offering up a “Guy walks into a bar…” riff.  OK, so his was more of an intro to his upcoming CD, Thaddeus Clark’s Dubtape, but, if this blog has proven nothing else, it’s that i’m pretty easily amused.  Plus, i respect the name Thaddeus.  It has that kind of ring to it.  Add into the fact that he can drop honeyed vocals over a tight beat of the late night jam variety, and, will you look at that, we’ve got ourselves a mention on this, the most important instrumental beat music blog written by me that you’ll ever read.

mp3HI-8 (Thaddeus Clark from Thaddeus Clark’s Dubtape)

Not content rapping about raping, the Odd Future collective has added an R&B component to their ever expanding roster.  This time, it’s The Internet (good luck with the google searches, kids), comprised of Syd Tha Kid, the band’s resident DJ/knob twiddler on vocals and their illustrator/producer Matt Martians taking over the aforementioned DJ/knob twiddler role.

mp3: Love Song-1 (The Internet from the internet)

Frite Nite is getting ready to drop a compilation, Surreal Estate, on October 4.  Naturally, that means pre-release goodies for our ear holes.  To whet the wetting (yeah, homophones!), we’ve got this track from Sepalcure (producers Braille and Machinedrum).  The vocals on this one really are more background oriented than the first two, but it’s too sweet a track not to share.  Aggravating bass, terrifying treble–it’s the real deal, kids.

mp3: Deep City Insects (Sepalcure from Surreal Estate)

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