Beat Music and Star Wars: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

Ever since seeing Star Wars in Concert, i’ve been on a bit geekier kick than usual ’round these parts. Much to The Missus’ chagrin, i’ve almost totally transformed the guest room into damn near a shrine (just as soon as the new Boba Fett lamp/mp3 player and Han Solo frozen in carbonite blanket arrive, at least) to the greatest space odyssey ever filmed. She seems to think we need an additional set of sheets for guests who aren’t that into the movies. i don’t think i want those kind of people sleeping under my roof, but that’s a fight for a different day.

As with most things, this latest nerdulation of mine is spilling over into music. When i stumbled across one beat track sampling Star Wars, i figured it was a good thing and left it at that. When i then found a full CD of the stuff, by a different artist, no less, i knew it was a sign that a higher power wanted me to write a post about it. Because clearly that’s how the universe works–through me.

While my love for Dibia$e is common knowledge, i’ll admit that’s based on hearing just a small sampling of his body of work. Hell, his Return of the Sludge mixtape for BTS Radio alone was enough to make a convert out of me. Had i known that the man was capable of cutting up light sabers, blasters and the Imperial March like this, i might have developed a downright man crush.

i wish i could remember exactly how i stumbled across Suckadelic in the first place, but i suppose it’s enough simply that i did. Seeing as he put together Star Wars Breakbeats back in 1998, you’d think his work would have come across my path before now. Oh well. Bottom line, this is one of the most entertaining Star Wars projects i’ve heard in a long, long time. And, yes, that’s from the guy who loves Ukulele Force: Star Wars Best Covers and Christmas in the Stars. The premise isn’t anything special, but the execution is top notch–Suckadelic took snippets of dialogue and played them over some great loops. His pairings on “One Smooth Character” (Lando and Han over what sounds like a 70s porn soundtrack) and “A Bobadelic Relic” (Boba over what i believe is a Funkadelic riff) showcase his skills best–take a listen and hear for yourself. He just pegs the mood of the character and/or scene.

Trust me, these are the droids you’re looking for.
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