Beat Week: Label Compilation Day

Seriously, i am too slothful this week to be thinking of anything too creative for you cats this week. Fortunately for everyone involved, ye olde inbox has afforded us some stellar new beat music for us all to share, enjoy and then call a slut behind its back. So guess who’s getting a full Beat Week this week (at least until i bounce on Friday to head to Pitt for the Outdoor Classic)?

You can tell a lot about a label by the strength of its artist compilations tapes. Denmark Records’ roster of Southeastern beat artists on its DenFriends Compilation proves this label is an up and coming force with which to be reckoned. You’ve already heard the likes of Junk Culture here at LET before, but please allow me to point out that you also need to check out their other acts like, Bambara, C Powers and the Selmanaires. Admittedly, some of the tracks here are about as fringe “beat” as you can get (i’m looking at your closer to pop submissions, NAPS and Heads on Sticks, and your almost soul composition, ArnHao), but i think it’s pretty safe to assume anyone who reads the LET Beat Meet is going to find at least a few tracks here to dig. And even if you don’t, the price remains the same, which, at free, is kind of hard to beat.

1320 Records dropped their Volume II compilation some months ago. Hell, i even posted Alex B’sDro on the D-Lo” way back when, but for whatever reason, it took me until now to listen to the entire thing. Point being, my mistake for waiting this long. There are tracks here more symphonic in nature, foregoing the staid and stuff live orchestra while creating similar arcs, motifs and flourishes with far simpler electronic toys. Sure, i might have been high and on a treadmill whilst listening to it myself, but check it out yourself and tell me if i’m lying.

i dig Friends of Friends Music’s philosophy–the driving force behind discovering and sharing new music is through friends. The fact that their latest compilation tape features such heavyweights as Shlohmo, Strangeloop and Daedelus “choos(ing) a song from any era of popular culture to be source material of a song for (their)‘Pop Massacre’ compilation” shows that FoF are exactly the kinds of chums you want recommending music to your ear holes.

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