Blog-On-Blog Love: For Your Poolside, Occasionally Booty Thumpin’ Good Times

As is the case with most folks these days, i imagine, i tend to find myself more interested in individual tracks these days than full albums or even EPs. Well, some of my fave writers from around the blogosphere have unearthed some pretty damn good full affairs lately, for FREE, no less. Far be it from me not to spread the love like peanut butter syrup over banana pancakes to you fine dead beats.

While Gorilla vs. Bear tends to find and post some incredible 7 inchers and individual tracks, i was pleasantly surprised when they recently hipped me to Monster Rally. At the time, GvB was pimping Monster Rally’s latest, Palm Reader, over at his bandcamp page. Fortunately for me, the band had an additional EP up there for my listening pleasure, every bit as good as the latter. MR samples 50s and 60s polynesian and surf music, plain and simple, but he does it to brilliant effect. Plus, he’s got one of the best MF Doom remixes i’ve heard in quite some time. While the Doom track is the exception, both the EP and Palm Reader are winners from start to finish. This is tiki torch pool party music right here, children, and it’s good stuff.

Apple Juice Break continues to be an excellent source for beat music, and their taste for mixtapes and remixes is on par with the best of ’em. So i guess it was no surprise that i found out about Exile’s Radio Bonus Album from them. What did come as a huge surprise is how freaking good this thing is. i’m almost afraid to buy the “original” when it comes out August 31. Exile has some monsters on duty for the remixes here, including Teebs, DJ Rhettmatic and Dibia$e. Plus, it’s got the first heavy opera sample i’ve heard in a long, long time, so you know you’re interested. You’ve got some of the bigger names in beat production, plus some damn fine up and comers, all for your listening pleasure. Highly recommended, he said bluntly.

Completely by fluke whilst perusing Hype Machine, i found unouomedude on Dead As Digital. More spacey, poolside music, with reverb drenched vocals over ethereal beats and keys. i’ve never much bought into the whole “the season makes the music” mentality, but this music clearly would be wasted in an igloo, and you’d be a fool not to have it booming next to your deckside summer chair.

And to close things out, a nod to our very good friend over at Berkeley Place. As fate would have it, he did a post earlier today on Chiddy Bang. Just this past weekend, one of my hip hop head buddies suggested them as a new band to check out. While i’ve only listened to it once myself and still am forming my own opinions, if those two recommend it, hell, that’s good enough for me, which should be more than enough for you jackals.

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