Blog on Blog Love: I Learned It by Listening to You!

Much like i learned to smoke pot from watching your dad, today we’re going to delve into some new “party favor” music by listening to some of LET’s favorite blogs. Technically, the last tracks to check out today are from a direct submission as opposed to a blog, but, Jebus, people, it’s a drug music post. Chill the fuck out, already.

i’ve got to be honest, i’ve got mixed feelings about Cali. i love San Fran and wine country (spent my honeymoon there), but L.A. is a cesspool second only to NYC (that’s right, the Chicago kid said it). Sure, i’m dying to go to Low End Theory, but that’s about as far as that infatuation goes. Oh, and i dig the Sharks (but not these ones). Of course, with Prop 19 hopefully passing shortly, i’m clearly going to have to rethink my entire fear of earthquakes and consider relocating. As the always spectacularly written Passion of the Weiss hipped us to, the kids in The Knux recently weighed in on the issue, throwing their support in exactly the direction you’d think a song posted on this list would. Gotta love The Knux, mixing in real instruments into their hip hop. They’re like the Reese’s Pieces of Rap. Actually, that’s a horrible simile. Please forget i ever mentioned it.

The more and more i get back into hip hop, the better and better Potholes in My Blog becomes to my eye holes. As luck would have it, they surfaced the impeccably named Smoke Weed About It EP by WALSH, the new side project Brandon Biondo of COOLRUNNINGS, who clearly likes to cap his endeavors. Bedroom beats and production, 80s synths and Casio percussion abound on this seven tracker. If all the money i bribed that dude on the corner who said he ran the Internet pays off, and you’re re-directed here from Gorilla vs. Bear, this is the EP for you.

And finally, our good friend, Ricky Eat Acid, just dropped his latest aural experiment. To my ear, it’s a bit darker than his usual fare, and the fuzz is amped a tad, but that in no way makes this any less groove-able. Plus, the opening track samples what i believe is an 80s anti-drug PSA, which always garners brownie points in my book. Remember, though, kids, that’s supposed to be a warning, not encouragement.

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