Blog-on-Blog Love: Oscillations

i have to say, i’m a bit surprised i haven’t been hearing more accolades concerning Oscilliations Parts 1 and 2, a couple of FREE mixtapes put out by fellow blogs Jus Like Music and Apple Juice Break. Between the two tapes, there’s nearly two and a half hours of all sorts of craziness, “from hip-hop to electronica to neo-soul to dubstep and beyond.” Thankfully, it’s filled to the brim with all sorts of booty shaking goodness, from names spoken of here in the past, like Alex B, to players i have no doubt we’ll be talking about more in the future, such as Oddisee and Kidkanevil (assuming the latter doesn’t break every bone in his body in a terrible accident trying to jump 77 buses ON FIRE!!! Actually, scratch that, i’d totally write that kind of shit up, too). Honestly, the concern with anything this sizable is that the crap and filler outweigh the good stuff. Not so here. No matter where your tastes lie on the electronic music scale, you’re bound to find something to tickle your fancy on this one. And who doesn’t like a tickled fancy? Nobody. Not even your grandfather.

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