Blog-on-Blog Love: The Mixtape Version

With the Missus out of town this past weekend, i found myself with more time than usual on my hands (read: without my wife to entertain me, i get bored far too easily). This, in turn, led me to visit some of my bookmarked mp3 blogs that i in some cases don’t visit nearly often enough, as they’re all quality sites. Long story short if it’s not too late already, i ended up downloading ten tracks that blended into a damn near perfect mixtape.

Predominantly laid back, with just enough kick here and there to keep you on your toes. Let’s call this one “Lulled Into a False Sense.” Yeah, that’s right, as part of the package, i even name the fuckers for you.

Ed. note: Since the Blog-on-Blog Love portion of this mix would be meaningless without shouts outs, please note the additional “where it came from” link following each track, right after the artist and album links. Click on over to see what these cats have to say, particularly as i’m too lazy to ape some of the background these folks were good enough to dig up to describe these tunes in the first place.

This latest track from Grinderman is an absolute goddamn beast. i hope my mid-life crisis is half as cool as Nick Cave’s.

Two of the top beat producers out there today, one remixing the other? Yes, please.

In addition to being my absolute favorite actual music writer, Jeff and his crew at PotW find some incredible music to discuss and share, too. And as a site named after snotty French brats, you didn’t think we’d pass by a track with French vocal samples, did you?

i miss 80s rappers. Le sigh. Not sure how i missed this updated variation of “How Ya Like Me Now” in the first place, but i’m certainly glad i found it now.

You know, i think i’m officially getting into Kid Cudi. i thought his Dat Kid from Cleveland mixtape had its moments, but it’s really the strength of his singles and guest spots that’s getting me hooked. According to our records, y’all seem to agree.

i first saw Darren Hanlon open for the Magnetic Fields a few years back and was blown away by his set. The guy is an incredible lyricist, and has a pretty good ear for a melody, too. Delighted to hear this Australian is supporting his new release (with Billy Bragg, no less), but much less so to learn he’s not coming to the D.C. area.

i don’t stop by Music is Art nearly enough, but whenever i do, i invariably find something new to dig. Or, in this case, something that was recorded nearly 40 years ago (1973), but is only just recently (2006) seeing the light of day as an actual release. Damnation, that Danielle has a good ear, plus one helluva an eye for art and photography. i try not to hold the fact that she looks eerily like one of my ex-live-in-girlfriends against her.

i could have sworn i had mentioned Bonobo and his killer CD, Black Sands, before, but a quick search of LET proves that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Whatevs, i was reminded again of just how goddamn good this thing is due to my weekend ennui. Thank you, meds.

Any band that does a cover album of Chess tunes is alright in my book. Add some of today’s swagger and a bit of blood, sweat and piss to the affair, and i’m there. Well, not literally, of course. You’re bound to catch some kind of STD if you’re looking for that in your music experience, and maybe that’s your thing (who am i to judge, right?), but i can’t be taking a shower and an AIDS test after every time i listen to a song, you dig?

Speaking of covers, this Ukrainians take on the Stone Roses’ classic is a gem in and of itself. At least, i’m pretty sure i was talking about covers above at one point. Thanks again, meds.

Part of me wants to save this last track for the next Free Music Friday, and who knows, maybe i’ll repost it there, too, but the other part of me knows that the latest from since disbanded Sleater-Kinney frontwoman Corin Tucker clearly is the perfect ending to a perfect mixtape. ‘Nuf said.

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2 thoughts on “Blog-on-Blog Love: The Mixtape Version

  1. You have a pretty eclectic mix tape here, I like. I have to say though, Bonobo's Black Sands album is just insane!

  2. ha! thanks for the link love. hmmm… i look hauntingly like your ex-girlfriend? don't worry i'm sure i'm not like her 🙂

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