Blurry by Dpat

Look, i don’t want to alarm you or anything, but listening to Dpat’s Blurry might just increase your chances of getting pregnant.  At the very least, it’s clearly intended to be played while someone is getting laid.  Formed at the hazy crossroads between trip-hop, quiet storm and slow jam, Blurry is the kind of music grown folks listen to when they’re thinking about making smaller folks.  Replete with dialogue snippets, chipmunk vocals and bedroom funk, Dpat makes the kind of music my earholes enjoy.  According to the maestro himself, ” I intended the beat tape to mirror the three emotions felt during a person’s night-life; with the first three tracks being soothingly mellow, while the middle three representative of the high, and the last two being an eerie come-down.”  Certainly sounds fuck-worthy to me.

mp3: You, Tonight (Dpat from Blurry)

mp3: Blurry (Dpat from Blurry)

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