Bound to Ohra by Blameful Isles

Alright, kids, let’s finish out the week adding yet another new element to our beats.  Staying in the jazz realm, but adding touches of world music, trip hop and spiritual funk, i bring to you Bound to Ohra by Blamefu Isles (aka Honks Burry).  The Swedish beat head, real name Daniel Israelson (though how cool would it be if his parents really did name him Honks?), throws all sorts of jazzy goodness our way on this Urban Waves release.  When’s the last time you had flute in your beat flakes?  That’s exactly what i thought.  Whereas a lot of the stuff featured here at Odd Bloggings tends to be more firmly rooted in hip-hop, Blameful Isles clearly has a thing for more worldly grooves.  And you know what?  i ain’t mad at him for that.  The same old, same old gets tiresome, children.  Branch out and see what the World Tree has to offer.

mp3: Oharaijua Settlement (Blameful Isles from Bound to Ohra)

mp3Shamans Dance (Blameful Isles from Bound to Ohra)

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