But Not Dick

i imagine by this point in time in the man’s career, white whale jokes are superfluous at best, but if i have the chance for a cheap “dick” joke, by gum, i’m going to take it. Hell, any bald and bespectacled beat producer is A-OK in my book right off the bat, but, c’mon, guy…

That’s right, Moby has a new CD/book combo entitled Destroyed set to drop May 17, 2011. To get the people juiced, he just put a three track EP, Be The One, that contains songs from Destroyed. Does that make it an EP or a sampler?

Truth be told, who cares, particularly in light of the fact that these three are beasts? According to the accompanying press release, the album “takes us behind the scenes on an international journey with Moby, introducing us to the strange and disconcerting life of touring that is often not exposed; the time spent isolated in anonymous, mundane spaces like hotel rooms, airports, and backstage waiting areas.”

With songs written in the wee hours of too late/too early, it looks like Moby is back with the perfect soundtrack for insomniacs.

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