Capturing Something by The Secret Whistle

Capturing Something by Portland, Oregon-based duo The Secret Whistle is what i like to think of as peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwitches-on-a-rainy-day-type music.  Introspective, down tempo, and a tad moody, but it sticks to your ribs in all the right ways.  More importantly to me, it’s some of the best kind of beat music–the borderline experimental version that’s beholden to no one other than the muses of the artists, Dan Friedman and Forest Gallien.  While there are trace elements of hip-hop, ambient and various other lo-fi electronic sub-genres, The Secret Whistle excel at combining numerous elements into their own laid back groove.  Granted, these tracks aren’t going to get your booty loose, but they never were intended to.  If you’re looking to free up your mind so your ass can follow, however, this hear is good for what ails ya.  (Yeah, i went there with the homophone.  Don’t fuck with an English major, yo.)  The full album is out September 27, so here’s a little something something to keep you tided over until then.

mp3: Moon Top Mountains (The Secret Whistle from Capturing Something)

mp3: Capable of Flight (The Secret Whistle from Capturing Something)

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