Chapter Two (For Lucie) by Mecca:83

Thank you’s are nice.  If you don’t make them a personal regular practice, you’re kind of an ass hat, so work on that.  Mecca:83’s mama obviously raised him right, though, as he gives the masses this latest beast as his way of saying “merci beaucoup” for all the love and attention recently showed to his DAYBREAK and Life Sketches projects.  While he flips the script about midway through the track from background keys and taught percussion to a more string oriented dénouement, the Manchester madman continues to demonstrate his mastery of the late night, bedroom beat.  Seriously, at this point, he’s just embarrassing the competition with his syrupy grooves.  Consider the gauntlet thrown, kids.

mp3: Chapter Two (For Lucie) (Mecca:83 from his Band Camp)


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