Cheap Sake; 100 Yen by Ivy-League Zombies

If you’re going to be a brain eater, i’d imagine the best meals probably would be found at your Yales and Harvards.  It’s that kind of practical thinking that gives us the works of the Ivy-League Zombies, a Bronx beat duo who today grace us with what essentially are two mixtapes in the form of their debut, Cheap Sake; 100 Yen.  Clearly drawing inspiration from the seedier side of the Land of the Rising Sun, i’m guessing these two are more than familiar with the works of Nujabes and Samurai Champloo.  Over the course of two extended tracks, we get “Tozai” from half the duo, Tut-Piece, and the equally engaging “Genshu” by the other side of the equation, Roku.  While both play in a sample heavy, deep crate arena, the former tends to focus on 70s late night grooves, chopped and screwed 80s R&B and other slow burners, and the latter plays with a lot more jazz and kitchen sink oddities.  Tut-Piece structures his mix around a noir, pulp fiction dialogue about the dirty side of Tokyo, while Roku shares his fondness for Home Movies.  Either way you slice it, this one is for the laid back stoners amongst us, which is pretty much everyone i know anyway, so thanks to the Ivy-League Zombies for that.  Monsters lead such interesting lives.

mp3: Tozai (Brewed by Tut-Piece) (Ivy-League Zombies from Cheap Sake; 100 Yen)

mp3: Genshu (Brewed by Roku) (Ivy-League Zombies from Cheap Sake; 100 Yen)

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