Cloak N Swagger by 4 Wolves

You know that fucked up place between exhaustion and the sweet, sweet arms of Morpheus?  Such is the playground of 4 Wolves, clearly evidenced on Cloak N Swagger.  i wish i could tell you more about the Detroit beathead, but deets are sketchy at this point. All i can say is his beats are of the cough syrup variety, slow moving, groggy and yet somehow you feel better when it’s all done.  Or at least messed up enough not to care quite so much anymore.  Beats so blunted they’re based, possibly to the point of hallucinating you’re best friends with Dabney Coleman.

mp3: Briarheart (4 Wolves from Cloak N Swagger)

mp3: Crazy (4 Wolves from Cloak N Swagger)

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