COFFEE by Alphabets Heaven..Another Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape

Whether you’re off MLKing, stuck at the office or doing whatever, let’s kick the week off with another Odd Bloggings exclusive mixtape, this time from the maestro-tastic Alphabets Heaven.

1.  Name, rank and serial number:

Jonny Wildey AKA Alphabets Heaven AKA Bombay mix

2.  Tell the readers a little bit about the music you make.

OH HAI READERS. I like recording things and then cutting them up so they sound like different things.  It’s like when you have a really bad cough and you’ve decided to blitz it with cough syrup because you’re fed up with waking up every 2 hours coughing but you keep thinking that you’re missing out on little 5 second streams of consciousness.

Jamais vu music.

3.  You’re releasing your latest, Rosewater, on cassette, right?  What is it about that format that you found attractive?  Does anyone other than us Gen Xers even own cassette players anymore?

Late November/December I had this strange revelation to do with chords. I’m pretty shit at explaining it but I had this amazing 2 weeks of writing. Which is incredible for me; normally all I do in December is endlessly watch The Simpsons or Archer or something.  One of the things I wrote was on this kind of indeterminate pulsey vibe, it was also about 12 minutes long. So like skipping through it on soundcloud  wouldn’t work. And skipping on tapes is seriously annoying so putting it on tape works quite well. It’s not like I’m expecting people to be there analysing it, but it works a lot better if you can’t see what’s happening next.  I also liked the idea of having this piece of music you could feel and smell and see. I once hallucinated the smell of rosewater; it was pretty great.

I think if anyone has a tape player it’s almost by accident. But you can get them on ebay for nothing. And they’re fun, like this guy (pictured left):

It has a radio!

4.  Who’s your favorite beatmaker right now?  Of all times?

I’m not really like beat-minded in that kind of way. But in terms of that whole dusty-sample collage thing obviously Dilla  He’s basically the teacher. But going back a while I was really into like Gangstarr and Wu-Tang and RUN-DMC etc. I think Hello Nasty was my alarm for like 2 years…And also the whole UK jungle/dub scene . That stuff’s like osmosis round here.

Right now I’m loving Lukid and Samoyed. And all the guys from round here, Ghost Mutt just put out an amazing EP, Hit and Hope is bringing out some hard Pixelord in a bit. Check it out…

Of all time…hmm…probably George Clinton or Duke Ellington. Maybe Bernard Purdie…no idea.

5.  While we’re spreading the love, what’s the one beat album every head should have in his/her collection?





But also Teebs’ ‘Ardour‘. There’s something so beautiful and open about it. It’s like getting lost on a sunny day. You don’t know where it’s going but you know it’s going to be fun.
6.  What does 2012 hold in store for Alphabets Heaven? 

There’ll be an EP out on King Deluxe soon with some big remixes and somnambulistic song titles. I’m hoping to put out a couple of other things but I’m in no hurry, they have to be right. Lots more live showsEmma Gattrill will be putting out some stuff I was involved with…As much as possible.

7.  Anything else you’d like to tell the unwashed masses? 

How awesome is this?

COFFEE Track Listing

Prince – Starfish & Coffee
King Midas Sound – One Ting (Dabrye Remix)
Ghost Mutt – Sweat Mode
Toro y Moi – Sweet
Alphabets Heaven – genggeng
Mr Oizo – Ringardos / Big Boi – Shutterbug
Throwing Snow – Pyre
Tropics – Mouves (Pedestrian Remix)
Otis Redding – Cigarettes & Coffee

mp3: COFFEE by Alphabets Heaven

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