Collections 01 by Teebs

Teebs has been one of my ten Top Five favorite beat heads for more than a minute now*.  Yeah, the kid cemented things with Ardour, but for those in the know, his work on various compilations and the like (LA Series, Come On Let’s Go, Dublab’s Japan Field Report) proved to my ears that the Alpha Pup artist clearly was the real deal well before that.  Of course, my stoner memory may be off chronologically, but work with me here, people.  His latest, Collections 01, does absolutely nothing to derail this reality.

While Teebs positions this one as more of a collage as opposed to an actual album, the fact remains that what we have here are your favorite pajamas in beat form–warm, fuzzy, enveloping and damn nice to lounge in around the crib.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but Collections 01 is comprised of some of the prettiest beats i’ve heard in a long, long time.  The maestro utilizes strings and the perfect amount of record static to create a mesmerizing Sunday morning jamfest for the laid back crowd.

From Teebs:  “With this record I’m trying to imagine a side project or group of mine that just so happened to make the same exact music as I’m making now. These records are neither EPs or full albums. Just mini collections of ideas…I hope to release them randomly through my life as if they were paintings in a drawn out series. The vibe I want people to be sent off with is a feeling of going out and buying some kind of rare library record they always wanted and not a ‘new album/EP.’ This will be the first Collections.”

Sold, baby.  Sold.

mp3: Pretty Polly (Teebs from Collections 01)

mp3: Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House Version) (Teebs from Collections 01)

*Fuck you, English Majors don’t need math.

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