Collective Combat!!!

i realize i’m the only person out there constantly comparing the WEDIDIT Collective and OFWGKTA.  That could be because the two crews have little in common beyond my loose usage of collective, but hey, it’s Friday, i’m on a post-lunch blaze, and i’ve got epic kung-fu battles on the brain (no RZA).  So guess whose tunes were going to listen to today?

Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats just dropped TANGGOLF, spitting their already trademarked venom over the beat of GZA’s “4th Chamber” from Liquid Swords.  Everyone wants to compare Odd Future to various crews of the past, but if anything, they just have a young fire that hasn’t been seen in a minute ’round these parts.  Sure, they’re violent, but they’re neither NWA, Wu nor Em.  i realize i’m only adding to the fire by posting a lot of their tracks myself when i maintain they’re a tad overhyped (with the amount of free goodies they’ve graced our earholes with, there’s bound to be some so-so tracks in there, too), but i will be the first to admit that when the boys get a hold of a track, they usually knock it out of the park.  Consider this one over the ivy and in the parking lot.

mp3TANGGOLF (Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis from the OFWGKTA Tumblr)

And from that other, far too UNDERrated crew, two mixtapes from Zeroh (sometimes G7) and jonwayne.  The latter reworked a number of prominent tracks to better adhere to his remixed ear.  The guy certainly has an ear for remixes, no doubt.  However, the arguable real gem here is an “extra” track with new raps over production by knxwledge.  Not to be outdone by his brother-in-beats, Zeroh just dropped a new mixtape of original lyrics over new and pilfered beats by such cats as Dilla and Flying Lotus.  Wasn’t it Picasso who allegedly said, “Good artists borrow, great artists steal?” 

mp3: I’m a Poor Man (But Rich In The Mind) prod. Knxwledge (jonwayne from Remixes Are Things)

mp3: I’m Cool (jonwayne’s waiting room) (jonwayne from Remixes Are Things)

mp3: It is and isn’t ok (Zeroh from More Throwaways :/)

mp3: magikbullet (Zeroh from More Throwaways :/)

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