Comedy Gold: Hilarious by Louis C.K.

i believe i’ve mentioned my love for Louis C.K. on these pages before, and if i haven’t, allow me to rectify that now. i lurv me some Louis C.K. i’ve caught his last couple of tours through town and watched his show and various series. As luck would have it, his latest CD/DVD, Hilarious, is taken from his most recent tour, and let me tell you–this is some funny stuff right here.

i’m not sure if i can think of a better comedian who bemoans how shitty life is in such a hilarious manner. And while his riffing on dating as a newly single 40-something dad are knee slappers, it’s when C.K. gets into his family life that things turn to the “i’m laughing so hard i can’t breath” funny. Fortunately, there’s plenty of that on Hilarious. i don’t want to give anything away, but when he gets to the Shit Family, well, i almost drove my car off the road, i was so amused.

The latest from Comedy Central’s comedy CDs is another home run. Their ability to pick rising and established stars that put together tear inducing humor is seemingly unparalleled. Now if they’d only allow more profanity on their TV specials…

But enough of such conjecture. On with the show, as they say.

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