Concert Review: Star Wars in Concert, 7-17-10, Verizon Center

As geekfests go, one could do a hell of a lot worse than catching Star Wars in Concert. The name pretty much sums it up, but allow me to elucidate. Imagine a laser light show with a full symphonic orchestra playing against a backdrop of scenes from all three, grumble, “six” Star Wars flicks narrated as it went by none other than Anthony Daniels himself.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re willing to dole out a few additional ducats, you could get the extra special VIP jobbers that entitled the purchaser to a SPECIAL FREE TEE SHIRT AND BLANKET!!! i could pretend like that wasn’t a big deal, but let’s be honest with ourselves, of course, it was. i paid to get on the floor, but couldn’t go that extra mile for the freebies myself. i’m pretty sure i could have beaten up most of the pre-teens who attended, so i probably could have walked with some free schwag of my own, but that would not have been very Jedi, now would it have been?

On top of the music, they also had a pretty decent traveling museum, filled with costumes and set pieces. Oh, and of course, more geeks in costume than you could shake a lightsaber at. You couldn’t swing a dead tauntaun by the tail without hitting someone dressed up like a Sith. i could keep going with the aphorisms, but i think you get my drift.

My sole complaint was what i considered an over reliance on the first three movies. Seriously, they couldn’t have focused on some of the more iconic moments? Well, that, and i’m almost positive that during one of the many montages, they showed Greedo shooting first. We get it, Lucas. You’re not going to back down from the apocrypha, but does that mean you’ve got to keep shoving it down the zealots’ throats?

Or is this just me exposing my inner nerd? i think the accompanying picture pretty much proves that’s outer, kids.

May the Force be with you. Always.

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