Concretely Abstract EP by 7even Sun

With the exception of a certain dickheaded airport worker at Charles De Gaulle Airport, i love my Gaulish brothers.  Hell, the food alone is worth admiration. French dressing. French fries. French bread. And to drink….Peru!  Now we can add beats to the list of our favorite francophilian things thanks to 7even Sun’s Concretely Abstract EP.  More beholden to funky jazz than anything else, the French beathead eschews 80s synths for  deeper, more Wurlitzer sounding keys that convey big top levels of groove.  And when’s the last time you heard xylophones in your beats?  That’s exactly what i thought.  With the cherry blossoms popping here in D.C. today, i can think of no better jams for a lazy, spring afternoon.

mp3: Late Night Hype (7even Sun from Concretely Abstract EP)

mp3: Synthetik Trip part 2 (7even Sun from Concretely Abstract EP)

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