If you’d like to submit music, send nudes of your ex or just chat about what a helluva guy i am, please feel free to drop me a line at

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  1. Hey,

    I want to first of all say, great job, you’ve got some really quality artists up here and a great venue for said artists. I always appreciate blogs like this when I stumble across them, It’s an intimate introduction to musicians that need exposure and that push in the beginning.

    Next I want to say that the layout of your site is somewhat deterring from what I presume is the point of the website, and again I want to emphasize what you are doing is awesome, but I was pretty instantly turned off from really digging for new music and musicians by the lack of art on the front page and the overabundance of text, while stories and descriptions are wonderful and powerful when accompanying the music, it is secondary. I’ve been living and working as a brand specialist/web designer for some time and I want to see you succeed or I wouldn’t be writing this. I hope you take this as constructive criticism and keep on killing it! You are awesome. More music, more accessability, more art! Get more traffic!!

    Thanks for hearing me!


    1. i’ll be the first to admit i’m a foolish blogger w/ no design capabilities and less money to pay for them.

      Always delighted w/ freebies, though, if you’re suggesting some sort of trade out. If some 400 hours of Prince bootlegs are your thing, i know a guy.

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