“Cutting” Never Hurt Anyone, Right?

Consistency is a good thing, and Comedy Central Records appears to have it in spades.  Or clubs.  We’re not judgemental here at Odd Bloggings.

Pulling yet another comic i’ve never heard of, the young upstart of a label has another winner on it’s hands with Amy Schumer and her new CD, Cutting.  Being unfamiliar with her work, i wish i had known how fucking hilarious she was before listening to her debut driving home from NY the other day–i damn near drove off the road at least three times, i was laughing so hard.

Schumer puts a girl’s spin on the more typically boy topics of one-night stands and tawdry affairs.  Her timing is impeccable, and her set ups are stellar.  She’s a master of the add-on, seeming to linger in the story before banging home killer punchlines.  Plus, she has the obligatory “guy with a really weird, prominent laugh in the audience,” so you know this CD is a beast.  Amy waxes rhapsodic on creepy French guys, reasons why Jews aren’t into The Good News, hot Swedish homeless and asshole bleaching.  Truly, there’s something here for everyone.

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