D A Y B R E A K by Mecca:83

Look, somebody check the calendar and the clock because i’m officially calling it–Mecca:83 is the undisputed master of the late night beat.  Sorry, other players, but this mad maestro has taken it game, set, match, tourney and Stanley Cup.  Fresh on the heels of a string of stellar singles and last December’s Life Sketches, he drops D A Y B R E A K, already a winner for my favorites of 2012.  Adding insult to injury, he turned the entire fucking project around in a scant 24 hours.  That has to hurt the pride of competitors who labor for months over material that isn’t half this good.  Sure, some of it must have to do with his crates; you’d be hard pressed to find better 70s soul and R&B nuggets, but this cat clearly has an ear for bedroom jams, plain and simple.  Go.  Download the album now.  While he’s got it listed as “name your price,” any and all proceeds are earmarked for charity.  The man’s a groove maker, hip shaker and ducat donator.  Hell, at this rate, i might even go so far as to introduce him to my sister.

mp3: Aura (Mecca:83 from D A Y B R E A K)

mp3: Fanfare (Mecca:83 from D A Y B R E A K)

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