DCM Sampler Vol. 1 by Namo

All hail the mighty beat making crate digger!  i’ll be the first to admit it, i have a thing for maestros with an ear for tunes and a back catalog like an order form for Ass Admirers Weekly.  Beathead Namo fits my bill, kids.  The resident DJ at Cali’s Downbeat Lounge clearly found the right home for himself.  A purveyor of blunted beats of the most relaxed kind, his DCM Sampler Vol. 1 is a perfect philosophical treatise on how stoned is scientifically proven to be the way of the walk.  With a handful of smooth remixes, the real strong points reside in the instrumental beats.  These tracks are uncouth!  Unclean!  And just about perfect for a purple hazed afternoon.

mp3: Slow Motion (Namo from DCM Sampler Vol. 1)

mp3: Stoned Raiders (Namo from DCM Sampler Vol. 1)

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