Deck Them Halls and Fa La La La La

Just a few more days to finish up that Xmas shopping, kids. i’ve been done for a while myself, that is, until i just learned that one of my brothers is bringing his girlfriend to the family festivities. Good thing i’ve got some more of this soon-to-be-done-with Xmas music to get me through the mall without murdering anyone.

Brendan Benson is not chincy with his holiday cheer. Not only did he share the holiday spirit with us, he wants to share it with you, too, on this acoustic rocker from the wonderful Holiday Undercover series.

You know you’re going to see this track again come Halloween, but it’s intended for this holiday, so here we go. If your idea of a thumping good time is a dubstep beat peppered with Christian zealot ravings, have i got a track for you!

Wanna know how those OFWGKTA kids feel about Xmas? OK. If you thought it included butt fucking Yoda, well, you’d actually be right.

That enough Xmas music for you for now? Good.

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