Diggin’ (and Findin’) Band Camp Gold

Looking for unheralded gems on Band Camp is a tenuous proposition at best.  Sure, a lot of smaller labels are using the site more and more, and the quality of those projects usually shines through quickly.  But what about the hundreds, if not thousands, of  examples of “other shit?”

KLoNDyKE clearly grasps this concept, as the moniker suggests.  While i can’t seem to find much about the guy/girl/band/whoever, (hell, this album is from ’03), i did recently stumble across the still highly ranked, pay what you will Diggin’ for Gold whilst digging for gold myself.

i recently joked with Jeff over at Passion of the Weiss that i enjoyed reviewing CDs that had pictures of endowed posteriors on the cover.  Now here i am, days later, doing just that.  And like that phat ass, these are equally overweight beats and grooves, plain and simple.  From one of the few sites that appear to be related to the artist, “If you like it slow , bassy, beaty  and sleazy,but with a tuneful edge then give it a go.  perfect for kicking back with a doob in the sun or at the end of a night.”  And who can argue with wisdom like that?  Quasimoto said it best.  “I like my asses fat, not flat.”  Amen, brother.  Amen.

mp3: Lazy Summer (KLoNDyKE from Diggin’ for Gold)

mp3: Shagasaurarse (KLoNDyKE from Diggin’ for Gold)

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