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For the longest time, i’ve been jealous of Passion of the Weiss for seemingly breaking all the really cool beat artists these days. What’s a fellow blogger with far less connections to that community to do? Apparently, you mention your love of everyone from J. Dilla to RJD2 and Flying Lotus to the Gaslamp Killer, and just watch the submissions come pouring in! Of late, i’ve received some really fucking good DJ tracks which i now chose to share with you.

Up until now, when my beat jones grew too strong, i went to my immediate fall backs–Stones Throw, Brainfeeder, Low End Theory and outfits like that. i’m just loopy for that wonky dubstep, i suppose, and can’t get enough of DJs that spin outside of the parallelogram. I guess mentioning that enough times makes LET come up fairly early in the Google and Hype Machine lists, as i’ve somehow fooled the cats over at Switchstance Recordings into thinking i know what the hell i’m talking about with the genre. Long story short, the label was kind enough to throw a few thing my way, and i was only too happy to accept. Since the phrase “crate diggers” is already taken, i’m calling these chill kids “mood setters.” They produce laid back grooves that are all too easy to get lost in, combining elements of funk, jazz, reggae and hip-hop into a decadently sumptuous sound. It’s got a 60s chic element, but it’s more nouveau than that. They’ve got a sound that the cool kids, not the “hip” ones, will dig in a big way. Think RJD2 or DJ Spooky, but a bit more laid back. Even their namesake is freaking cool, “switchstance” coming from “the culture of boardsports, meaning the skill used to change the stance (easily) by switching one’s foot position.” Oh, and did i mention they’re out of Germany? That’s right, motherfuckers, LET now satisfies all your Nigerian AND German hip hop needs. Look out, L.A. Club scene, with the likes of Kabanjak, Deela, Protassov and Mango Juice on the roster, sounds like there might be some competition on the horizon.

Now, if you like your DJs to have a bit more of that old skool flavor (particularly if you’re itching for a scratch), Monsieur Topaloff might be a bit more your speed. While he compares himself (kind of) to RJD2, i’m definitely hearing much, much more DJ Yoda here, sans the goofy, old

British dude and fake celebrity voices. While i’m waiting to hear more, today’s offering is quite tasty. Here, he lies down a fat bass line, follows with a strong loop, throws in some keys, purees the shit, and creates a creamy cupful of shake your ass. In his email to me, he solicits my opinion, claiming to have only played his tracks for a small group that includes his cat. i’m not sure what Puss thinks, but i’m digging this ish big time.

Finally, for anyone else into the scene who happens to find themselves in or around Brooklyn on February 6, 2010, you really need to head out to the fourth annual Donuts are Forever. It’s a J. Dilla tribute, and this year’s headliner is ?uestlove. It bothers the Missus when she learns of things i want us to do through LET, so i’m not officially saying i’ll be there (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, i’m planning on it). Just don’t tell my wife before i do. Assuming she suffers temporary blindness between me posting and seeing her tonight after work, i think we’ll be cool.

(Ed. note–that also happens to be my birthday weekend, so if you see a lumpy, bald dude with a red beard and specs, feel free to show me your best break dancing moves. For the DJs mentioned here today, tips on how to create kick ass beats, including what programs to use, would be equally appreciated.)

mp3: For What You Are (Deela ft. Mango Juice, from Forward Ever, Backward Never)

mp3: Love is Easy (Protassov from Where We Live EP)

mp3: Royal Deluxe (Monsieur Topaloff from his MySpace Page)
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