DJ, Please!

Somehow, the afternoon got away from me, but that doesn’t mean i can let my six devoted readers go empty handed for the weekend.  Fortunately, i’ve been sitting on a couple of stellar DJ mixes for you jackals.  Please to be enjoying.  i strongly recommend drugs to go along with the mixes, but, truth be told, i pretty much recommend drugs for everything.  Better living through science, i always say.

Pretty much every damn XLR8R mix is freaking incredible, but there are a few artists that always take it to the next level.  Shigeto is on that shortlist.  As the fine folks at XLR8R summed up, “expect plenty of broken, hip-hop flavored beats, washed-out synths, emotive vocal snippets, and an unshakeable desire to nod your head.”

mp3XLR8R Podcast: Shigeto – April 26, 2011 (Shigeto from XLR8R Podcast)

While i’m not nearly as familiar with Streets of Beige, if they’re rocking Knxledge, they’re worth further exploration.  Like a boy’s first experience with boobs, i suppose.  This one grooves, then shimmies, then does some other stuff.  All good for head bobbing.

mp3: Streets Of Beige 014 – Knxwledge (Knxwledge from Streets of Beige Cloudcast)

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