Enter the Dragon Remix by Eclectic Method

Sorry, kids, but Uncle Odd is on the road again, hence the late night posting.  But, oh, what a late night post it is!

Look, it’s no secret the geek factor runs pretty high here at Odd Bloggings.  While Star Wars is always going to top the list, who here doesn’t love them some Bruce Lee?  Nobody.  Not even your grandfather.  And when it comes to taking my favorite pop culture references and turning them into beat gold, few can hold a candle Eclectic Method, as you know from past postings.  For your viewing pleasure, a video that’s bound to make your day, and then an instrumental mp3 for your ear holes.  Never let it be said i don’t do right by my peeps.

mp3: Enter The Dragon Remix Instrumental (Eclectic Method from their Soundcloud)

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