Enter The Hikikomori by Curbside Jones

Say what you will about crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you and hearing the lamentation of their women, but i’m rather fond of beats and anime myself.  Combine the two, and i’m a rather happy otaku, thanks much.  So when a combo order recommendation comes from none other than such an established beathead as Delano Taylor, well, this kid is going to take notice.  Comprised of samples from the Welcome to the NHK anime, Curbside Jones shows off equal skill in picking strong beats AND animation on his latest, Enter the Hikikomori.  Dealing with 20-year-old shut-ins obsessed with everything from sex to cartoons, this is not your usual Adult Swim fare, but some of the more fucked up shit you can only find in Japan.  Whether you prefer your Nipponese fucked up stories in novel, manga or anime form, Welcome to the NHK has you covered.  And even if you’re not familiar with the story, but are with virtually any anime with English speaking voice actors, you’re going to recognize a lot of vocal talent here.  Well played, Curbside.  Well played, indeed.

mp3: Me, Myself, and the Otaku (Curbside Jones from Enter the Hikikomori)

mp3: Hentai Over Whores (Body Pillows) (Curbside Jones from Enter the Hikikomori)

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