EP by Stevie Schimdt

It’s nice to have friends in influential places.  It’s also nice to have friends in hard to reach places, but that’s another situation entirely.  Luckily for Stevie Schmidt, he went to high school with D33J from the WeDidIt Collective, so an otherwise unheralded EP debut is about to get heralded up in here.

The aforementioned Collectivite describes the album as “a nice collection of six blissful lo-fi tracks,” which is pretty damn apt in and of itself, but i’ll add this.  These are not necessarily blunted beats, but are more clearly stoney jams.  Know and respect the difference, yo.  Whether it’s the cartoon mouse choir of “I Don’t See” or the convoluted, yet addictive groove of “Wash,” there’s more than a little something something here for the heads.

mp3: I Don’t See (Stevie Schmidt from EP)

mp3: Wash (Stevie Schmidt from EP)

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