Erased Tapes Collection III

‘Twould appear that we are entering the season of summer samplers, always an alliterative addition to one’s hot weather hi jinx.  This time  around, we have the third label sampler from Erased Tapes, the British home of everything from “modern classical to post rock to hometronica to intelligent dance.”  i know many of you prefer officetronica and really fucking stupid dance, but i think you’ll dig what they’re putting down at ET.  And it’s free, you cheap bastards, so shut your bitching already.

The sampler showcases the eclectic label’s forays into “electro-spiked avant-rock, discorock, ambient” and a bunch of other beat categories only the most percise beat heads would think to name, those kooky bastards.  As a good sampler should, you get a taste of everything the label has to offer, and what they offer is tasty.

mp3: 7Fingers (Nils Frahm & Anne Müller from Erased Tapes Collection III)

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