Far Far Away by AstroLogical

Part of me hates sounding too effusive about someone’s sophomore release, as i worry that it sounds like i’m somehow diminishing their debut.  Believe me, such is NOT the case when i tell you what a beast AstroLogical has on his hands with Far Far Away.  The Vancouver beatatic (TM pending) has upped his game in a meaningful way since his first outing, Living Fossils.  Not that the prior wasn’t a good listen; quite the contrary.  However, on Far Far Away, AstroLogical found a groove, took it out for the evening, banged the hell out of it and still had the good graces to wish its mother a nice day when he dropped it off the next morning.  These are jazzy beats with a touch of 70s AM funk that stretch and move like a cat in a sunbeam, thick and oozing like peanut butter syrup over banana pancakes (and you KNOW how i do love banana pancakes with peanut butter syrup).  Kind of squishy in all the right places, you dig?  This is definitely one to add to your late night, chilled soundtrack collection.

mp3: Sundrips ft. Yellow Lunar Human (AstroLogical from Far Far Away)

mp3: Lemon Tree Bath (AstroLogical from Far Far Away)


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