Fine, Thanks by Shlohmo

by oddbodkins on November 9, 2011

Granted, this is another joint that was dropped a minute ago, but i’m a very busy man, people.  You think all these drugs are just going to do themselves?  i’m doing my best here is what i’m saying.  i mean, your mom doesn’t seem to mind, so…

WeDidIt Collective guru Shlohmo recently hit 10,000 followers on FB and decided to reward us, his loyal minions, with seeming outtakes from the past year or so.  Well, he’s rewarding somebody.  i don’t FB, but i do spread the love, so it all comes out in the wash, right?  Anyway, this nine track beast reminds me greatly of Shlomoshun Deluxe, with its DIY aesthetic, self-recorded bits and all that good, noisy miasma that makes a Shlohmo joint a beast.

mp3: been thinking 3_27_10 (Shlohmo from Fine, Thanks)

mp3: 15th st. 3_27_10 (Shlohmo from Fine, Thanks)

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