Finest Ego | Find by Good Paul

Sorry about the dearth of new stuff lately, kids, but Daddy has been sick, and when Daddy ain’t feelin’ right, ain’t nothin’ gettin’ done ’round these parts.  Or some other colloquialism to that effect.

Fortunately, with my return comes the first in a new series of solo albums and EPs from the very talented Finest Ego/Project: Mooncircle think tank.  First up is Good Paul and his latest EP, Finest Ego | Find.  As the name indicates, Good Paul makes good music of the instrumental beat variety.  Better yet, he seems to specialize in that very special sub-genre of laid back head nodding that i love so bad.  His are beats with a lulling quality that make them equally strong candidates for soulful introspection and stoned video game playing.  To hear him tell it, though, it’s taken him 14 years to finally find the muse he’s been looking for all along.  “To live well we need to learn and know about a lot of different things. Draw your plans in an attempt to consciously create the future. It turns out that often the decisive moments in our life are found. I have never sought music by artists or genres, but instead, I am just trying to find music that gets to me in terms of emotion.  I hope there will be people who find the music from this EP, because that music found me.”  Well, GP, i’d say it’s been time well spent.  Keep that muse on speed dial, son, and please be sure to make more frequent returns to this well.

mp3: Finest Ego | Find Mini-Mix by Good Paul from Finest Ego | Find

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