Finest Ego | United Kingdom/Ireland Compilation

Sorry about the lack of posts the past few.  Suffice to say, i apparently caught a bit of a stomach thing that knocked me off my game for a bit.  Or i like staying at home and watching kung-fu movies (Ip Man and Black Dynamite; the perfect way to spend the day) with my newborn.  You make the call.  As luck would have it, however, it has caused a rather impressive log jam of some pretty amazing beats i’ll be sharing as the week progresses.  Well, unless i get into the Samurai Champloo DVD set i just picked up, i imagine.

And now for today’s unabashed handjob review of the latest from Project: Mooncircle’s Finest Ego series.  Honestly, i know cats like the Red Bull Music Academy get all the specific-area-code-comp love, but there is no better player in the game than the cats at P:M.  Previous work in  Japan, Russia, Australia and New Zealand has shown just how deep a beat scene each locale has.  Of course, damn near anyone in the beat scene could tell you the UK has a thriving scene, but props to the Finest Ego gang for uncovering gems that don’t sound like everything else coming out of there.  Sure, i’m an admitted laid back, funk-in-the-headphone kind of beat afficianado myself, but this baby is a beast regardless of your preferred beats of choice.  The vibe here is of the groovy nature, but it also will keep your head nodding and ass shaking when it needs to.

Some names you’ll recognize, some you may not, but i have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before you will.

PMC082 – Finest Ego | United Kingdom / Ireland Compilation snippet by Project Mooncircle

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