Floating Longingly Towards the Sun by Woulg

Remember what i was just saying about one of the great joys of running this blog is the relationships i’ve made with various record labels?  Well, let’s make sure Outlier Recordings is granted the shrine it deserves at or near the top of that list because, you know, you care about the mental lists i keep in my drug addled brain.

Home to the Beast of Beats himself, oddlogic, today OR gives OB its first taste of Woulg.  While it is unfortunate that this is not a new strain of Great White Bud, it’s damn near the second best thing.  The Calgary-based beathead has put together a spacey, glitched out exercise in bass aptly entitled Floating Longingly Towards the Sun.  While there are some definite teeth rattlers here, Woulg says almost as much with the gaps and silences he leaves as with the music he makes.  The maestro clearly understands that cramming noise into a composition simply to cram noise helps no one.  He gives his pieces room to breathe and roam, and the end result is a thoughtful, seemingly introspective ride space-wards.  i know you probably want a reference point, but i’ll give you Nosaj Thing.  God damn, i am witty.

FYI, in addition to the usual digital availability of this one, OR also is producing a limited edition run of 20 CD’s with handmade artwork.  Check out the album link below for more deets.

mp3: Floating (Woulg from Floating Longingly Towards the Sun)

mp3: Broken (Woulg from Floating Longingly Towards the Sun)

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