Flow State’s In the Flow Review

To categorize a beat maestro’s skills as “Dilla-like” is a heady compliment, indeed, but it’s become so commonplace as to be rendered almost meaningless.  So let me see if i can clarify a bit about Flow State.  On In the Flow, the Trust in Dust artist displays a Dilla-like knack for constructing a song, somehow finding the least obvious cut from a sample, from a buried bass line to tossed off keys, to create a new and devastating beast of a beat of his own creation.  The comparisons tend to end there, as i always found Dilla to be more focused on the funk.  Flow State’s audio intentions seem to be far more sinister.  This is not music for people on a bad trip, that much is perfectly clear.  While the introductory track, “L.I.G.H.T.” might lead one to believe this will be a sunny affair, don’t be fooled.  Every track thereafter has a much darker edge.  This is music for angry sex, or perhaps to soundtrack underground dance clubs like they had in Breakin’, assuming such things still exist (the first rule of Underground Dance Club is do not talk about Underground Dance Club, natch).

mp3: L.I.G.H.T. (Flow State from In the Flow)

mp3: Momentum (Flow State from In the Flow)

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