For the Record (Label): Brainfeeder

i guess someone must have told Flying Lotus it’s my birthday this week, ‘cuz those crazy cats at his Brainfeeder label have been giving away presents at a ferocious rate lately. Today alone, they’ve put out three dope slices of hip-hop madness that i felt compelled to share with all y’all.

First up could be the craziest thing i’ve heard since i first laid ears on MF Doom back in the day. Him Jenson is Durlin Lurt’s obvious attempt to reconnect Gen Xers with their childhood roots, assuming your babysitter did nothing but smoke bubblegum and blueberry weed all day long while you learned how to count to 12 with the Pointer Sisters. To call it bizarre is an understatement, but, hey, Pepe the King Prawn shined his flashlight on George Clinton, so who am i to judge? If you think you’ve heard it all when it comes to hip-hop, check out this ish and get back to me. And like the beloved Sesame Street, he serves up 26 lettered tracks to teach us our ABCs. Put me in some brown and orange Garanimals and call it ’78, baby.

mp3: Magic (Durlin Lurt from Him Jenson)

mp3: Wet (Durlin Lurt from Him Jenson)

As if that weren’t enough, they’ve also thrown up an EP by their latest signee, Jeremiah Jae, aka Jae R. For anyone familiar with Brainfeeder, it will come as no surprise that the kid dabbles heavily in otherworldly dubstep. Unfortunately, the download offered is kind of a pain in the ass. i had to attempt two downloads before it worked, and even when it did, the files were misnumbered and in numerous formats. MP3s, WAVs and AIFs? For that matter, what the fuck is an AIF file anyway? i assume it is something like a frush. They will all eventually download, but you will have to spend a couple of minutes relabeling things for your iPod. That bitching out of the way, the mix is hot. Jae R. clearly has the skills necessary to fit into the heavyweight line-up already established at Brainfeeder. i imagine he also shares similar interests in blunts and outer space travel, but i’m clearly conjecting now.

mp3: Spaceman (Jeremiah Jae from DXNCE)

mp3: The Mystery (Jeremiah Jae from DXNCE)

And finally, because we all need that wafer thin mint at the end of every gorging, they served a brand spanking new, half hour DJ set by Ras G on a silver platter with birthday candles and all that jazz. Artists highlighted include Flying Lotus , Quasimoto and OJ Simpson (this one; not this guy). The set was done for BTS Radio, where you can find all sorts of additional free DJ set goodies.

mp3: BTS DJ Set (Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program from BTS

But wait! There’s more! If you can keep your earholes unplugged for just a tad longer, you should know about the upcoming Magical Properties Tour. Featuring Daedelus, Nosaj Thing and Jogger, the tour blows through our part of the world in late February.

Feb 23 – Bourbon Street – Baltimore, Maryland
Feb 24 – Xscape Lounge – Richmond, Virginia

WARNING: LET is not responsible if all this grimey goodness causes a short circuiting of the frontal lobe. Your brain has not been this well fed in some time, i know, but you still need to pace yourself.
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