Free Music Fri…turday: The Late, Abbreviated Version

Don’t tell your parents, but i’m late.

Yesterday afternoon, i received two tracks that merited an instant Free Music Friday, even though i had already done the Tobacco/Junk Culture/Dreamend review. But i fell asleep early, so the instant part went out the window. Still, i don’t want to be the last site of what’s sure to be many posting these, so here we are.

You’ll see both Meg and i together again at Those Darlins next week (9/15) at the Black Cat, and it appears that the girls found out and released a 7″ in honor of the occasion. At least, that’s the story i’m sticking to. Regardless, it’s an intense track, showing a side of the ladies not apparent on their debut. More menacing and sexier, with a bit less twang and a lot more tits (that’s the female equivalent of balls, right?). If this is the new direction of the band, i likey. i likey a lot. What’s more, you can listen to both sides of the 7″ here. B-side, “Funstix Party,” has the same sinister edge, but, as the name clearly states, this is a party track, plain and simple. Better still, there’s apparently a new full-length with a TBD release date of early next year. Which is nice.

mp3: Night Jogger (Those Darlins from Night Jogger 7″)

LET respects facial hair. Which isn’t even a tenth of the reason why we dig Megafaun, but it’s still in the DNA of the relationship somewhere. So we probably would have posted this gem from their mini-ablum, Heretofore, even if it hadn’t been a rollicking, good time, breezily singing about their home state. Fortunately for all of us, it is. The boys, too, have a full-length in the works, apparently heading into the studio this fall, which also is nice.

mp3: Carolina Days (Megafaun from Heretofore)

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