Free Music Friday

To start, many happy returns of the day to The Missus. Doesn’t have a damn thing to do with today’s Free Music Friday, but, hey, it’s half my blog, so i’m going write about what i’m going to write about. Plus, you dig the Missus, too, so you should wish her one, too.

Anyway, we received some nice tunes the past couple of weeks while i’ve been traveling all over the place, so you get to enjoy the fruits of those looms, as it were.

Surprising no one, Stones Throw continues to give out more freebies than whore with poor pimp management. i don’t know about you, but i’ve always been a huge fan of voice boxes. Fuck that auto-tune shit, i’m talking about the original real deal. Whereas Roger Troutman popularized the sound (using his own variation on the instrument), the ST crate diggers have uncovered a treasure trove from Bruce Haack, the inventor of “Farad,” one of the first truly musical vocoders, and first to be used on a pop album. Also from the gang, Aloe Blacc’s Good Things finally hit the stands, and to celebrate, they dropped this ultra-groovy, soulful number to get your juices fellow in a most mellow manner.

Daytrotter did a session with the folks in Admiral Radley, and it’s a good one. Go check it out. We keep telling you how good Jason and his crew are, so maybe this will make true believers out of you.

Sadly, i’ve been a little less impressed with each new Thermals offering, but i am kind of digging the new single from Personal Life. Call me crazy, but the lo-fi noise of their self-titled EP remains their high water mark for my money. Sure, they’ve grown musically and lyrically, no doubt, but where’s the fun in that? i first saw the band open for Sleater-Kinney years ago, fell in love with Kathy Foster while she was bouncing around on stage tearing up the bass, and have been hooked on and off ever since. This one goes a decent ways towards making me need to call my sponsor again.

i know what you’re thinking, a live DOOM album? There’s been a lot of talk about if this is even a real live set, how old it actually is, blah, blah, blah. All you need to worry about is the fact that DOOM spits fire, this is loads better than Live From Planet X, and the first track is free. The Villain is back, y’all, so don’t sleep on this one.

Another new Alex B track just hit the interwebs, so you know i’m going to post it here. It’s about smoking weed and it’s more bottom heavy than your fat-assed prom date, so you know it’s worth listening to.

And to close things out, the latest from 0OoOO’s eponymous EP. Personally, i dig the track, but i’m not sure about this “witch core” nomenclature. Really? Sure, it’s spooky and has ethereal, seemingly disembodied female vocals, but is that honestly the new sub-genre name we want? Eh, fuck it, it’s glitch, and it’s good, and that’s enough.

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