Free Music Friday: Beats Only Edition

Beat Meet, Free Music Friday…as long as you get your fix, it’s all good, right?  This week’s batch happens to be all beats, which is what we’re really all here for anyway, right?  Of course, i am.

Idle Hands feels you should get to know Canuck beathead up and comer Kevin McPhee.  Based on his upcoming Sept. 19 release, i’m going to have to agree.  His updated take on house is sticky, slimey, gooey and damn near perfect.

mp3: House 44 (Kevin McPhee from Idle Hands 007)

mp3: Sleep (Kevin McPhee from Idle Hands 007)

Ready to get your slow jam on?  Then it’s time to check out love delux.  Dragged out vibrato synths, snail pace percussion and a whole lot of groove.  Ideal for late night spelunking or glacier racing spectating with a drugged and loved one.

mp3: girl (love delux from their Band Camp)

You’ve got about 48 hours left, give or take, to go snage DJ Z-Trip’s takes on the Public Enemy classic, “Bring Da Noise.”   Spliced with Justice and Zep.  Well done and done well.  Cop ’em here.

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