Free Music Friday on a Saturday: The Beat’s Off Edition

If you didn’t guess it already, that stomach bug i’ve been battling made a late return in the latter rounds of our fight, but i do believe i’ve finally come through with a TKO in the final round.  Or i’m getting set up for a Rope-a-Dope, so enjoy this bag of free goodies while the getting’s still good.

Man cannot live on beats alone.  If he could, he’d be blinder than a bat and have palms like bear pelts.  So let’s show some love for some non-beat beasts this time around.

While admittedly it was their name that intrigued me in the first place, i have to say i’ve been consistently impressed with those Scottish bastards in We Were Promised Jetpacks.  The sophomore LP is en route, and here’s the first single.  It’s a steady builder that maintains the band’s thunder and lightning, signature sound.

mp3: Act on Impulse (We Were Promised Jetpacks from In the Pit of the Stomach)

Alexander’s “Truth” already was one of my favorite tracks of the year.  Now you want to throw in a RZA verse?  Give him the knee shooters.

mp3: Truth ft. The RZA (Alexander)

Annie Clark’s Strange Mercy hits shelves September 13 courtesy of 4AD.  i do love me some St. Vincent, and these track that progresses with a wicked guitar line and crazy 80s synths makes me think she’s about to score again.

mp3: Surgeon (St. Vincent from Strange Mercy)

Jazzed out funk courtesy of OB fave Durojaiye Versatile, still the only cat i know to have penned a track with the same name as our beloved Chief Technology Officer.  Versatile keeps it just that, rocking a fireside jam with slinky keys, crisp and programmed percussion and a bit of hip shaking sauce.

mp3: Saturday Night (Durojaiye Versatile from Saturday Night) (right click to his site)

As a Gen X music blogger myself, i’m pretty much contractually obligated to post anything new from They Might Be Giants.  Fortunately, that’s never a wrong move or a disappointment for me.  From the upcoming Join Us, the band’s 437th record of the past few aught decades.  Christ, i’m getting old.

mp3: Judy is Your Viet Nam (They Might Be Giants from Join Us)

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