Free Music Friday: Playing Hooky Edition

Took the day off to be with the Boy.  Innumerable diapers later, it’s time for Free Music Friday.

You know that Subaru commercial where the two maroons can’t find their car out in the middle of a bunch of random boulders?  i was positive that was Zooey Deschanel singing the accompanying tune, but damed if i wasn’t wrong.  It was Miss Erika Davies.  After a bit of Interwebtial detective work, i found some live tracks.  Turns out she’s a seamstress, too.  Who knew?

mp3Deep Sea Dancer/Galaxy Lakes (Miss Erika Davies from Dirty Thursdays Sessions)

mp3: Robot Girl/I Wonder (Miss Erika Davies from Dirty Thursdays Sessions)

Those master beat freaks over at WeDidIt have hipped me to NY-base RL Grime, and me likey.  Chilly beats probably best listened to moonwalking by oneself in the far reaches of outer space.  Plus, a killer remix by their very own D33J.  Wait ’til the beast drops down to sublight speed about the 1:20 mark or so.

mp3: Die 4 Me (RL Grime from Clipz EP)

mp3: Die 4 Me (D33J Remix) (RL Grime from Clipz EP)

One of the 70s Guitar Funk Gods remixed by one of the 80s Mix Masters?  Yes, please.

mp3: Ubiquitous (Steinski Mix) (Dennis Coffey from his Record Store Day 7″ B-Side)

i really can’t say it any better than Meatwad, so why bother?  Basically, though, ATHF is getting a makeover, and part of that process is a new theme song by none other than Josh Homme and Alain Johannes.  i’ve got two words for you.  Fuck and Yeah.

mp3: Aqua Unit Patrol Squad One Theme (Josh Homme & Alain Johannes from Aqua Unit Patrol Squad One)

Teebs, one of my absolute faves in the game today, dropped “a tune i made a bit ago…sampled off a J.Rocc mix for Dublab” via his Tumblr.  Thank Buddah for bored beat makers and the Interwebs!

mp3: Pretty Poly (Teebs from his Tumblr)

And as if all that wasn’t enough to free your mind and your ass all in one fell swoop, those crazy cats at Daytrotter just posted a session with the new brass funkateers themselves, the Budos Band.  Funkin’ A, peeps.  Funkin’ A, indeed.

mp3: Black Venom (The Budos Band from Daytrotter)

mp3: Unbroken, Unshaven (The Budos Band from Daytrotter)

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2 thoughts on “Free Music Friday: Playing Hooky Edition

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing the link to the Subaru Outback commercial on our site. Glad we could help you identify the song and artist. – Connecting Pop Culture

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