Free Music Friday: The 80s Edition

Must be some Aqua Net in the air, because this week brings us quite a few tracks from some stalwarts who started way back in the 1980s, which effectively confuses the young ‘uns and makes me feel old.

Fresh off their own personal “Fuck You, Cancer!” tour, the boys from Brooklyn are back with this teaser from their upcoming Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 (due May 3).  Your favorite white NY rappers, Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock, are back spitting their trademark verses over one hell of a funky bassline.  And if that weren’t enough Beastie Boy love for yo’ ass, the trailer for the video “remake” of “Fight For Your Right To Party” is out there for your viewing pleasure, too.

mp3Make Some Noise (The Beastie Boys from Hot Sauce Committee Part 2)

And would you look at that, Perry and his boys are back, too, this time with a little help from none other than TVoTR’s Dave Sitek on production duties.  While the less said about Strays, the better, Nothing’s Shocking and Ritual de lo Habitual rank among the finest alt-rock records of all time.  This first single from the album due this summer gives me some hope thhat Jane’s Addiction is returning to form.

mp3: End to the Lies (Jane’s Addiction from The Great Escape Artist)

If you don’t have a soft spot for They Might Be Giants, well, there’s simply something wrong with you.  They’ve scored your favorite theme songs, children’s tunes, geopolitical masterpieces and more weird, interesting shit than you could shake a stick at, and since your mother told you not to shake sticks in the first place, why don’t you just sit your ass down and listen to this one?  Their new one, Join Us, is due 7/19.

mp3Can’t Keep Johnny Down (They Might Be Giants from Join Us)

And while The Most Serene Republic certainly was not formed in the 80s, their submission today is an homage of sorts to “Big,” arguably the last good movie Tom Hanks ever made.  Yes, yes, i know that he’s since become a “serious, Oscar Award winning artiste,” but as far as i’m concerned, “Bossom Buddies” still was his high water mark.

mp3: Zoltar Speaks (The Most Serene Republic from Pre Serene: Thee Oneironauts)

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