Free Music Friday: The Affirmative, Futuristic, Expectational, Smokey Edition

Alright, it’s summer hours at the office, so let’s not dilly or dally or run through an alley.

The folks at Plug Research are most deserving of our love today, as they recently starting cramming our inbox with all sorts of audio gold, Jerry! OB faves Sonnymoon just dropped their cover of Beyonce’s “Yes.” Now, i’m not particualry a fan of what passes for R&B pop these days, but this cover is a beast. Ignorant me, but i had no idea Anna Wise’s pipes were that impressive. PR also hit us up with the latest from producer Elephant & Castle, a ghostly vocal fest of chopped samples. The groove is mellow, and the listening is easy.

mp3: Yes (Beyonce cover) (Sonnymoon from the Plug Research Band Camp)

mp3: I Will (Elephant & Castle from Sweet Someone single)

i’m largely over the whole chick surf alt-rock movement, but i have to admit, i still have a soft spot for Best Coast.  As a thanks to fans as they continue touring, Bethany just dropped the following track on her blog.  It’s still in the rough mix stage, and it’s not quite as sunny as some of their previous stuff, but it’s a tight track nonetheless.

mp3: How They Want Me To Be (Best Coast from their blog)

Whilst watching The Other Conquest, a film by Salvador Carrasco about the Spanish conquest of Mexico, Ernest Gonzales of Mexicans with Guns, became inspired to remix one of the soundtrack songs.  The result is a haunting, beat-sy reinterpretation that makes use of the original’s Indian drumming and chanting.

mp3: Burning the Codices (Mexicans with Guns Remix) (Mexicans with Guns from their Sound Cloud)

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