Free Music Friday: The Artistically Endowed, Devilishly Topless, Probably Not Related to Billy, Paid in Kroners Edition

Fuck work, it’s Free Music Friday, kids.  Time to get our groove on, yes?  While we’re at it, i’m giving you all permission to knock off of work a couple of hours early today.  Clearly, you’ve earned it.  And if your boss gives you any shit about it, tell him oddbodkins says to eat a bag of dicks.  And while we’re at it, i’m going to recommend you for a raise, too.  Sure, you’re going to be unemployed shortly, but at least we’ve got some free tunes for your just fired ass.

If you’re looking for some top notch klezmer music (and who isn’t), you really don’t need to look much further than Geoff Berner.  i’vebeen a fan of his for more than a minute, first entranced with his work on The Wedding Dance of the Widow Bride.  GB’s getting ready to drop his latest, Victory Party, this March 8th.  Based on the first single, it sounds like he’s opened up his sound a bit, moving further from the predominantly traditional sound of the genre to incorporate drum machines and a more updated feel. 

mp3:  Wealthy Poet (Geoff Berner from Victory Party)

One can never have too much scuzzbucket blues for my tastes.  With that in mind, what’s not to love about the new single from Silver Shampoo?  It’s lo-fi, nasty, references Satan and has a picture of a topless chick surrounded by curious onlookers on the album cover.  We call that a recipe for success ’round here.

mp3:  Streets of Satan (Silver Shampoo from Higher & Higher)

OFWGKTA side member Frank Ocean (he was on MELLOWHYPE and will be on GOBLIN)  just dropped this number showing off his vocal skills.  For a self-produced R&B album, i think he does a pretty good job out of the gate.  He’s clearly got a strong voice, and as the one guy affiliated with the skyrocketing rap group that sings (and does so well), that has to afford him a very specific crowd of groupies.  Good for him.  The below track is Ocean singing over “Hotel California” samples.  Not too shabby, son.

mp3: American Wedding (Frank Ocean from nostalgia/ultra)

One of the very first albums i ever reviewed as a professionally unpaid blogger was Skeleton by the Figurines.  It was so damn good, i decided to stick around and reap the ample fame, drugs and hos that fill the life of a blogicist.  The self-titled follow-up to 2007’s When There Deer Wore Blue marks the Danish band’s first time ’round as a trio.  It’s hard to tell, though, at least to the extent that things are no less rocking and the sound is no less full.  It’s vibrant, lush and a good time.  ‘Nuff said.

mp3: New Colors (The Figurines from Figurines)

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